Young Queers Clothes Swap


Place: Buck Street, London NW1 8NJ, UK

  • Start : 2020/01/25 15:00
  • End : 2020/01/25 18:00

If you got clothes you don’t like over Festive Period or you need to make some space and get rid of things you no longer need or like or even if you want to pick some things up at no cost do feel free to pop in, browse, connect, get a hot drink and just spend a nice afternoon in the company of other Queer persons.

If you bring things you want to get rid off and those will not be picked up we can donate them to a charity for you so you don’t have to take it back home.

If you have any questions please ask 🙂

Event Schedule:

3.30pm persons with goods bring those and set them up on railings and tables provided.

4pm event opens to persons who are not bringing anything.

6pm event ends and things are getting packed and cleared away.

You can bring as much or as little things as you like. There is no limit or maximum.

We will also have some products for you to take away.

What You Need To Know

Age restriction: 13 – 19

Terms & Conditions

  • You are welcome to bring things you would like to get rid off free of charge.
  • You can pick up what you like free of charge.
  • Only pick up things for yourself.
  • As this is a community event consumption of alcohol is forbidden.
  • Please make sure you seek parental consent when deciding what to bring along as we will not be able to track your items back.
  • Be kind. Be Welcoming, Be Patient.
  • Your items can be hanged on the railings or put on the table. You will be able to take them back with you or leave them so they are donated to the charity.
  • If you are displaying please arrive by 3.30pm.
  • Respect people’s gender – anyone can pick up any clothes they like and should not be judged, ridiculed or bullied for it.
  • We reserve right to ask you to leave if you behave in disrespectful, aggressive or threatening manner.
  • This is Trans affirming space

Due to COVID-19, we are now offering a whole host of new things for you to do online!

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