Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre offers two types of consultancy:

Young Persons Consultancy

If you are re-designing a service and seeking a view of well-articulated young persons eager to make a difference in their community – we can arrange for a panel of young LGBT+ persons to go through the consulted matter. You would need to return and inform the panel of the information you took away and how it was used so that they know what impact they have had as part of the contract.

Professional Consultancy

Our volunteers and staff are very informed and attentive, we can arrange for a one or more to go through the consulted matter to make sure that your project or policy is inclusive, compliant with legislation and tailored to the needs of LGBT+ young persons.

Janet Cree
Managing Director for NHS Hammersmith and Fulham CCG:
"The North West London Clinical Commissioning Groups are always working to ensure that we hear from as diverse a range of local people as possible through our consultation and engagement activity. The members of Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre have worked with the CCGs to share their experiences innovatively via video stories and workshop sessions. Their experiences and feedback have informed multiple consultation and engagement pieces, as well as the roll out of the initiative Pride in Practice across North West London GP practices."


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